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Fix It and Paper Plane Academy – Sarah Heimeier

Fix It Workshop: To encourage individuals to repair their own items that otherwise they would have thrown away and replaced. They are urged to pass on the skills that they … Continue reading

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Save Moon Bear & No Nuclear Power

PDF file Jett_S3304076_0326Task2A_Presentatiom This is my example of action

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Marine Stewardship Council – MSC

Marine Stewardship Council - MSC

One of the biggest environmental issues facing the world as we know it, so why don’t people recognise this logo?

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“I am the Lorax I speak for the trees”

A fine piece of literary work, I recommend this book to everyone!
‘The Lorax’ touches on continuing environmental issues caused by human greed, this combines with my current MSC project as the state of the oceans and depleted fish stocks are a result of consumer behaviour.

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