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Part B — Emma Gerard — We Do ID

After the majority of the semester spent trying to nail a project for my very strong and specific passions and interests I finally came to the, now obvious, conclusion that the summer of social change, which was the conduit for the class Activating Change, was and always will be my project. I, Emma Gerard, the one who preaches to everybody to switch on, take ownership and treat university and its required tasks like real life problems, wasn’t taking a leaf out of my own book. I thought that because it was a new class and a new year that it was almost like I had to begin anew, and perhaps there were added ulterior distractions coming from my constant feeling of ineptness due to my slim social innovation portfolio and the urge to try lots of different things and experience as ferociously as possible in order to build on that portfolio.

However The Summer of Social Change prevailed and from that light bulb moment I could finally move on something concrete. Lachlan, Ella and I were observing the projects emerging from the activating change class and mentally collating the progress we had each made in our own semesters work when it dawned on us that the best way to work was in a team, and we already know from service design that co creation of programs/systems/ services yields the best results so why not make a team of students to continue the work we had started and the work of other activating change students.

After a long ideation session we nutted out a form for the group. We had observed the previous attempts at Industrial design student lead initiates and taken note their successes and failures. One failure we thought dangerous to repeat is to overlay too much unnecessary structure to the group. Being from the Y-Generation and having spent the whole first ¾ of the semester working with the current (Y-Gen) Industrial Design students we know that the allowance for flexibility and fluidity in the structure is the best way to interest the students and keep them interested. We like the concept of having an inner nucleus of ‘doers’ who motor the current projects of the time and who delegate to some of the outer rings of participants – named ‘rent a crowd’ (fairly self-explanatory) and ‘greater Industrial design’ (also not rocket science to work out who they would include).

Ella, Lachlan and I have tentatively named the group ‘We Do ID’ (about as ambiguous as they come no?) and made a Facebook group for easy communication. We also held a co-creative ideation session which was so helpful in not only nutting out some of the compulsory logistics of forming an official RUSU student group but also in seeing the scope of what such a group could potentially morph into.
I’m excited about the projects that could emerge in the next few years from this group and the highly possible circumstance in which our mission to activate up and coming first years to be motivated to collectively take the rains each year happens, which will give the longer standing members the opportunity to work on a broader networking scheme to connect with industry and team up with different organisations in planning events and so on.

Week 14 will see a writable wall (black board) pop up in building 88 – the first inscription will be the WE DO ID credo.

The mid-year exhibition will be our first opportunity to promote to the greater cohort and we will do our best to inject a touch of pazzaz to the bar section and the music situation.

And finally we have proposed that week one of next semester be declared ‘Re-orientation’ where we work at re-introducing everyone in ID and encouraging more open and friendly relationships amongst the group.


Emma Gerard
part B


About Emma Gerard

I am a plodder and a thinker, a reader of books, a singer and a dancer and a person who looks. I see millions of things in the faces of friends which gives me high hopes and makes me believe in love again. I want to design a world for all souls to live and to breath in fresh air until they grow old. I want loveliness and jokes and good times for all because everyone is born equal some short and some tall. but the short ones and tall ones and all the jokes too all need to be mixed up into a pot full of loveliness glue. so when you stick it all together the fighting does cease and we can all sit and eat cake - every one gets a piece. xx

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