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Taking Action Real Gardens Real Foods


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Obama and Sharp

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Forgive the P’s. Each year, thousands of 18-19 year olds make the educational metamorphosis from high school graduates into university undergraduates. What is their potential? This is Barak…

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Change within and around: A reflection on reflections

Change within and around: A reflection on reflections

To reflect on the past 7 weeks is a mammoth task. To be told accurately it has to be done for both the personal and social. Change that begins from within inevitably prompts the change of our surrounds.

Self-reflection is often under-valued and considered indulgent. However, it allows us to sort through our priorities, check our checks and balances and consider where we will move next. Here’s what I’ve been thinking;

1. The system within 88 is working, now it’s a matter of keeping the motions going. The teachers are teaching-this is working. Excitement is growing-fantastic.
2. Design is design-Just that. A realization that design is not the ‘be all and end all’ of solving world problems is enlightening. Hence I’ve resolved that my contribution to the field will be in encourage and help others work towards social innovation; a nice beginning to solving relevant problems.
3. Research opens the mind. Processing it is crucial. Living what you’ve learned is key.
4. The realization that change starts within is key. Instead prompt, question and engage others-much more effective. Practice what you preach but do not preach your self-righteousness.
5. The social innovation community is excited about youth. Doorways will be flung open to welcome with open arms. Open doors to others
6. Look at working systems to inspire and lead us. Do not over complicate or stress existing effective solutions
7. Let your paradigms and values be always questioned. Stand up for what you believe in (see 4).
8. Ignore propaganda-media/political on what is possible. Help change what is feasible.
9. Define your wants and needs. Neither need sacrificing but always be considerate of others needs and their worth before indulging in your wants.
10. Engage in holistic thinking that encompasses more than humanity itself. Always remain considerate of the global ecosystem we reside in.
11. Do not erase the past by constantly moving forward-A lot can be learnt from the past. Allow time for rest and reflection. Doing without understanding can only lead us so far. Meditate on activities.
12. Forget diffidence and self-pity and hopelessness-leave it at the door. Activate positive change!
13. Small cumulative change is a viable method for social transformation. Have a larger goal in mind, even huge world goals! Think big and start small.
14. Live and embrace natural change.

Here’s how these thoughts have manifest themselves into actions and even some actions that have provoked and shaped the thoughts

1. Provoke thinking-read, talk and more. Inside and outside of 88, with all. Within and around. Prompt people to deviate from their comfort zone.
2. Understand-diary of thoughts to allow for reflection-blog
3. Compile- begin collections resources and spread them for those whom need them-books, films, metal notes etc etc
4. Engage-Initiate forums-Konyrama, Youth Change (to come)
5. Value- Promote social design for designers-Inside and outside of 88, within social design circles and key stakeholders. Constant networking and discussion of Summer of Social Change and Activating Change
6. Listen- experience and meditate on existing systems and tools for change-Tacsi, Cappo, Social and Sustainable
7. Share-successful social enterprises with the idea to inspire and excite- Joost Day
I’m sure there are things I’m missing from this list as change is a constant. However, I’ll endeavor to elaborate on these activities when the times are right. Until then…

(and a big thanks to Guy who made these reflections possible with the lend of his fantastic kettle!)

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Activating Swap Week7 Presentation

Task 1 Activating change Lok

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The organisation of anything in this social arena is often exhausting but a great skill to have Managing people is the most complex job on…

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Task 1 Presentation

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Task 1 Documentation


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