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Fix It and Paper Plane Academy – Sarah Heimeier

Fix It Workshop:

To encourage individuals to repair their own items that otherwise they would have thrown away and replaced. They are urged to pass on the skills that they learnt and to then start their own skill exchanges.

– Not able to fix everything as needed correct tools to be able to
– Time constraints
– Number of people available to fix objects limited
– Cost to fix and cost to repurchase – fixing can cost more
– Larger objects that can’t be brought down – getting objects there and back
– Skill station – mean limit people able to see what is happening
– People uncertain and hesitant, unless helped out, as to how to repair an object                                

– Sends out the message to people why it’s better to repair an object
– Where they can’t provide skills – give resources available to do so
– Remind people don’t need to be intimated – wonder if capable of fixing – able to take apart and diagnose problem – encourage disassembly
– Other people able to come down and share skills they have – integrates public
– Have skills station – show skills and people don’t need to bring object – can take back knowledge
– Blended workshops – demos, stations, pre-register – see what is happening and can follow – do or listen
– Needed to have led up – so know what fixing – list selected so know have skills on day to fix things
– Get people interested – have guidelines to start own fix it – for all who couldn’t come

Paper Plane Academy:

Intends to re-engage individuals with their mind and reconnect with their imagination. Through doing this, it intends to encourage them to bring back a simpler form of entertainment, rather than current gaming machines. Fundamentally, this advocated change in behaviour encourages them towards more sustainable forms of entertainment that don’t require electricity. From this simple act of making paper planes, it is intended to bring about imagination and ignite creativity.

– ‘Aerial Playground’ has a lot going on at one time – makes possible for injuries to occur
– As is built on and carried out by volunteers it is reliant on having enough volunteers to be able to run on the day
– Ratio of volunteers to kids
– Could possibly require a working with children card
– Some instances is the volunteers making the plane for the children instead of them making it themself as they find it difficult to complete the harder designs

– Gives opportunity to participate in design through making and having fun with their own imagination
– Experience of design isn’t limited
– Able to open people’s eyes up to the possibilities
– Starts from a variety of instructions on how to make a selection of planes and then encourages them to design their own
– Bring in a wide community and encourages individuals to gain confidence in themselves
– Not restricting on age or capabilities as about having fun
– Focused on the simplicity and multiple possibilities available from a mere piece of paper

Get more info about them from: Melbourne Design Awards and the Sustainable Living Festival


– Sarah Heimeier


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